Shows will run June 19 - June 22 at various times and venues.  Click the show link for details and to buy tickets.

Get Cultured: Theatre

Act Two Theater: TRIAL BY JURY

Classic comedic opera infused with modern humor and new, contemporary orchestration. This isn’t yo’ momma’s Gilbert and Sullivan!

Anthony Wininger: THEATER FOR MEN

Theatre for men. You know…simpletons!

Encore! Theater Group: THE DUTCHMAN

A subway car forges on. Aboard, Clay and Lula ignite a fiery confrontation about sex, race, and bigoted societal norms.

Salt House Collective: SPARKLE – TA DAAA!!!

Cupcakes, love, sequins, tap dancing, and surprise abound in this bubbly, magical, mystery extravaganza. TA DAAA!!!

John Clark: OLIVIA

A campus suicide makes five figures struggle with the quiet feeling they could have done something.

Slightly Askew Theater Ensemble: NINE/SKETCH

Two women are held in a life-threatening situation. A single word becomes the hanging point between life and death. 

The Tesseract Theater Company: THE APOTHEOSIS OF BIG JIM

During an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, a few local strangers discover they have something in common.

Theatre Salvo: FUN.

Two kids from the wrong side of an industrial wasteland attempt the impossible: to have fun.


A father reflects on his past, while revealing a unique perspective in the life of a teenager growing up around members of the St. Louis mafia. 

Siobhan O’Loughlin (Brooklyn): NATURAL NOVICE

A comedic human study of the implications of a woman not shaving her armpits, and a feminist critique of how a woman defines herself, no matter what she looks like. 

Get A Move On: Dance

Karlovsky and Company Dance: SCRAMBLE

Words can move you…words can evoke an image…words can create a feeling – mix them all up and you get SCRAMBLED!

Leverage Dance Theater: UNHINGED

Born of experimental collaborations, expect the unexpected: risky, brave, bold, emotionally daring, and perhaps even… a little bit funny.

Melissa Gerth: TISARANA

Tisarana uses movement, sound, and sculpture to explore spiritual themes spanning Buddhist, Hindu, and Christian practices.

The Four Fronts (Nashville): IN FULL SWING

An excursion of music and dance from the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. Nothing but music, dancing, and fun for the whole family. 

Core Project (Chicago): anecdotal

Inspired by the “selfie”, this year’s project surrounds stories about us.

Tapman Productions (Chicago): THE ADVENTURES OF TAPMAN!

A lovelorn scientist gains super tap dancing powers which he uses to fight crime.

Get Instrumental: Music

1900 Park, folk: ERIC BARNES

A storytelling, harmonica-blowing singer from small-town Missouri. His songs tell stories of the people he’s met and experiences we can all relate to.

Christopher Limber, Cabaret: RIFFS: JAZZ IN A SET OF TEN

A hip and hot blend of Jazz and poetic interludes recalling the sizzling after-midnight jazz club scene of the 1940′s.

Grand High Productions: A GOOFBALL ROCK RECITAL

Jaw-harpist/percussionist & local musician friends present wacky original songs, parodies, & covers.

Michael Hagmeier & Illumine Ensemble, World/Classical: TERRA CAMERA

Classical chamber music discovers there’s a big, wide world out there that includes the DIDGERIDOO!

St Louis Osuwa Taiko, Japanese Drumming: A JOURNEY TO JAPAN

Taiko combines thunderous drumming with athletic choreography.

Get Out There: Comedy – Sketch and Improv

Creepy Basement Players: Long-form and short-form improvised comedy

Never-to-be-seen-again improv comedy all started from your suggestion!


NQR’s unique view on life and the world. Join us in a variety of interactive Improv games, or just sit back, buckle up…and enjoy the ride!

“World’s Greatest” Comedians: THE BEST OF ST LOUIS

“World’s Greatest Comedians” features performances from the best stand-up and sketch comics in St. Louis.

Daniel Shar (Chicago): LAME AND FORTUNE

Imagined consequences of (pursuing) notoriety and wealth. 

The Spotty Truth (Chicago): AN IMPROVISED BIOGRAPHY

A comedic biography of an audience member through interviews, narration and flashback.

Get Curious: Alternative Genres

First Time Puppet Theater: LANDSLIDE

Propelled by Alzheimer’s, Alice descends into the dark woods of her mind in a kind of Divine Comedy – puppets, dancers, live music.

The Randy Dandies, Burlesque: A PASTIE HOME COMPANION

Where the women are naughty, the men are bawdy, and the jokes are above average. 

4-D Productions, Episodic Indie-Pop Musical: SLEEPWALKER

All artists, dreamers of any kind are highly toxic and dangerous. For your safety any sighting should be notified immediately to your local protection unit officer. Thank you. 

Cranky Yellow, Performance Art Fashion Ritual: FOSTER & FORTITUDE

A hypnotic retail environment acts as the stage for this multimedia experience. See creativity lost at the bottom of the sea and join this wild trip to get it back.

Think Tank Theater, Forum Theatre: TO-BE-CREATED

This participatory play created by local teens challenges the audience to try to change the outcome of a difficult situation.

Erin Renee Roberts, Neo-Burlesque Cabaret (New York): LOVE LESSONS LEARNED

Join goddess Eros as she takes you through her interactions with her muses and ultimate realization: “Goddesses should be praised.”

Salt House Collective, Immersive Late Night Theatrical Event (Cedar Rapids, IA): GAY FANTASIA

Anonymity of smoke. Ecstasy, euphoria and pleasures of the body. Tragedy they never saw coming. This is Gay Fantasia.

Jim Julien, Puppetry (Asheville, NC): THE NEXT DOG KING

Man walks dog, dog pees and poops. Dog dares to rule them all.

Minion Productions, Magic (Seattle): MORE BANGE FOR YOUR BUCK

Magic with attitude! Hilarious & mysterious, prestidigitator Christopher Bange will buck up your bottom line!